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Bears From Brooks River

Special Edition Fundraiser

These images are fresh from my first exploration into wildlife photography. I traveled to Brooks Camp in Alaska's Katmai National Park. I was struck by the impressive behavior of these uniquely massive bears. The largest in the world, they gorge themselves on choice parts of salmon for three-four months of the year before entering hibernation where they lose up to 33% of their body weight! 

I'm choosing to share these images of these paradoxically ferocious yet cuddly giants (and their adorable cubs) and to give 60% of the proceeds to Katmai National Park and Preserve. By protecting these charismatic megafauna, we also protect their fragile habitats and all of the organisms that it contains. The Park has committed to using these donations for bear interpretation, research, and the enhancement of visitor experiences. I can personally vouch for the excellence and knowledge of the rangers and other staff. 

Cute and Cuddly

Fierce and Ferocious

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