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A Black neuroscientist and photographer, Avery's goal is to capture unseen angles on landscapes, people, and animals to inspire more people to get out and share in his reverence for nature and life itself.  Avery believes that the generation of beautiful images can range from a lucky capture of the perfect moment to diligent hours of careful observation. Regardless of the circumstances, he feels the end result should cause some sort of change in the mind of the viewer. He strives to create such images. 

Avery was born in Houston and grew up around animals which instilled an early love of wildlife. It wasn't until his teens, however, on a trip to Colorado, that he fell in love with landscapes and nature more broadly. After a college stint in Philadelphia where he learned to struggle with street photography, he moved to the Bay Area to continue his neuroscience studies and embrace landscapes. It was there he started his business, Avery Krieger Photography, where his event and portrait work helped hone his skills and subsidize trips and gear to capture the landscape images on this site. 

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